Seaton Carew

Rather than a boring title like “Contact”, we’ve decided to create a page on Seaton Carew.
So that visitors and newcomers to the village and the resort can find out more.
Particularly about Seaton Social Club, how to enjoy its facilities, and how to contact the Club.

Basic information is on the page at the moment. but we’ll be adding lots more soon.

Seaton Carew

  • Did you know that Seaton means a settlement by the sea?
  • Carew is named after the Norman French family “Carou” who owned land in the area.
  • Come to the popular seaside resort of Seaton Carew and you’ll be retracing the steps of wealthy Quaker families from the 18th & 19th centuries.
  • One of the infamous German Zeppelins was shot down at Seaton Carew on 28 November 1916 by British fighter pilot Ian Pyott in his biplane which was based at Seaton Carew airfield. He was so close that his face was scorched.

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Club Address in Seaton Carew

36 Station Lane, Seaton Carew,
Hartlepool, TS25 1BG
Tel: 01429 267139

How to find Seaton Carew and Seaton Social Club

The Seaton Carew Social Club Webmaster

Ian Forster

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07928 562916
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